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Brontothere sketch based on two charging rhinoceros sketches I did for the current Weekend Drawing Event. Photo reference for the sketches I worked from is by just_chaos who hosted the WDE for July 9-11th. It's 8 1/2" x 11" in black and gray brush pens on sketchbook paper. I may well develop it as a serious painting.

Here are my rhino sketches, the ones I worked from:

Monochrome black watercolor on 90lb watercolor paper.

Dry Derwent watercolor pencils on 90lb watercolor paper. When I finished this sketch I decided not to wash it, since the texture looked so right for the rhino's skin.

SFFmuse.com changed hosts yesterday. A big deal to the admins and a hearty thanks to alcar who did all the hard work of storing the site and transferring it to the new host. I signed on for the two-year plan to keep the monthly costs lower, it's billed monthly instead of yearly now. On the up side, it doesn't cost too much more and there's now a donations button to make it easy for members to help support the site -- a $5 will keep the site hosted for two weeks, so every little bit helps!

I've had a lot of bad days in a row lately, mostly due to changing weather. Lots of thunderstorms and sudden hot spells alternating. It's rough compared to last summer, but I'm keeping up on daily sketching. I've also been getting the itch to write in a big way without being clear on what novel concept is calling me. I think I'm getting it though.

It might be time to write the saber tooth cat novel -- the one that follows the cats directly rather than engaging human characters. The nature novel where the reader's drawn into a big cat's world rather than human conflicts. I'm paying more and more attention to prehistoric creatures and was racking my brains for what is stirring in the deeps -- watched a series on Netflix based on a Terry Goodkind novel series and had some thoughts about fantasy novels and fantasy settings in general from it. Watched a lot of nature documentaries too, especially some new prehistoric ones.

Then tonight it jelled while doing that brontothere. That's why the fantasy stuff isn't so immersive right now. Something else is calling to me, something with a musky scent and a distant roar.

So I'll begin that soon, once I have a first chapter I'll start posting word count. Wish me luck on this one!
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Oct. 22nd, 2011 06:29 pm (UTC)
I realize this post was over a year ago, but I love these drawings, please let me know if you decide to put any rhino stuff up on etsy. I'm a big fan of rhinos!
Oct. 23rd, 2011 12:56 am (UTC)
Oh purr! Thanks for signing in to let me know who likes these drawings!

And purr - I love doing wildlife. Also very glad you like extinct rhino relations as much as modern rhinos. I love wildlife and don't always stick to modern or American wildlife.

I've got some new stuff up on Etsy and yesterday just painted a whale - he'll go up on Etsy after I do my Street Artist Program screening...

Oh my!

Those ARE some good sketches! I might work from them again, I have yet to develop this fellow in color! It's not like I haven't seen rhinos in color. I don't even need to hunt down references. Thanks for the good suggestion!
Oct. 22nd, 2011 06:30 pm (UTC)
didn't mean to post that anonymously. oops
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