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NaNoWriMo: 2289

Okay, so my word count is not the stellar great calloping lumps of prose it was in years past, like last year. Today's a really nasty pain day and I got in one chapter and one queazy looking underground comics looking page on my Sketchbook Project sketchbook.

Pen on Moleskine Cahier for the Sketchbook Project hosted by Art House Coop. It's started. Everything's begun. Then I passed out. Then Kitten came home with the cat food, sweetener and tobacco supplies, I am now stocked up pretty much till Yule on tobacco but not on filters/papers etc. of course. I spent my art supply budget on a slightly used full range set of Cray-Pas "Specialist" artist grade oil pastels in wood box set - full range of 88 colors, three of them in broken and peeled sticks that'll be useful for sketching on their sides. So now I am broke but happy. I made a start.

I am also resisting Amazon because my savings got severely depleted and last month I didn't save anything more than the regular $65 - this month I need to start replenishing what I spent on renewing my oil pastels site.

I also plan on starting a new blog full of art lessons on everything but oil pastels - watercolor, colored pencils, painting, whatever, on Blogger. But not till I'm done with the book. The book comes first.

Musky, my hero, is a brainless overconfident young cat about to find out that life on his own is not his oyster. Never mind that he got lucky and hunted something. He stepped on a baby fawn when a bird pooped on his nose, then killed it. This doesn't happen all the time. He evolved to eat elephants and bison, not Bambi. My cat could have killed that fawn. But hey, it was a little humor and served to make him a little more overconfident heading into chapter two. Cherchez la femme... he caught a scent!
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