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Gallery Mungyo Artists' Soft Oil Pastels

Today I went out to my granddaughter Sascha's school for Grandparents Day. It was fun. I had no idea kids got real food in schools today - pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, soup with grilled cheese sandwiches. That's one way the schools have seriously improved. Also her school has an active anti-bullying program that I think is great.

The rooms are bright and colorful. The desks have names on them. The kids have all kinds of cool things in the classroom and it's not set up like the traditional rows of impersonal desks facing the teacher. It was a lot more creative, colorful and play-oriented. She's in a top school and I'm satisfied now that I've seen it. Now I know why she loves school that much and works so hard to excel in it.

That was the least prisonlike school I've ever seen.

Above is a life sketch of my beloved cat Ari, whom most readers must know pretty well by now. My package from Jerry's Artarama showed up shortly before I left. When I got back I unpacked it. A full range set of 120 Gallery Mungyo Semi-Hard pastels and a full range set of 72 Gallery Artist Soft Oil Pastels.

I had to let them warm up to room temperature, the package was still ice cold hours later when I came upstairs with it. Once I tried those oil pastels, I was stunned. No crumbs. These have a beautiful texture. Soft, creamy, smooth, opaque, they rock. We have another new brand of artist grade oil pastels now and I'm thoroughly happy with them. That sketch is from the bottom of the page with my color chart, just on regular sketchbook paper - and I didn't need to use the color shaper to smash crumbs back into the color areas.

Ari approved of them too.

Jerry's Artarama has them on sale currently, till the end of the month.
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Aug. 24th, 2016 03:06 am (UTC)
oh! Wow! urayamashii~
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