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Yesterday's art, today's package!

Lauren's Wombat
Value Mass Drawing, Tombow dual tip brush pens on Derwent soft cover journal page.

This weird, crude little drawing is an important preliminary. It helped me figure out what to do with the background behind the wombat. I've made one big change in it already, that cast shadow will be much softer and more diffuse. I saw a pastel painting of a completely different subject and realized it would be both beautiful and simple if I put some fog in the picture - had a green grass lawn or a slightly golden grass lawn like the hot summer days are drying it, with the wombat comfortably browsing in the morning mist.

A friend of mine in India has been asking for advice on art supplies for a while. I talked to him about various companies and products, helped him find the artist grade stuff carried by a local area online art supply company. Then he put in a Blick order for the things the local company didn't carry.

We were both very pleasantly surprised! Even with at-cost shipping to India, he saved $36 off MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) on a $107 order! That was amazing.

I've thought for years that the prices at Blick were so low that it'd be cost effective to order there from overseas. Now I know it. If I travel overseas and stay for any length of time, I can still use Blick.

Also some of my "Passion for Portraits Sweepstakes" prizes arrived today! Three new books on portraits and three new DVDs on painting portraits in various mediums. They also extended my Artists Magazine subscription for a year and my Artistsnetworktv subscription for another six months. Still to come, a Kilimanjaro canvas from Cheap Joe's and a French easel that I accepted as a substitute for the studio easel they were out of stock on. Much to my luck, since I don't have room for a studio easel living in a small room but always wanted a regular French easel, the wooden kind with the metal lined sketchbox and everything.

So now after all these years I'm happily contemplating the prospect of drawing and painting people again, even if it's going to be with them holding their cats more often than not!

These books are awesome. I'm really going to enjoy them.

I also attended a colored pencils webinar by Sandra Angelo that was mostly on the basics, but very fun and I saw some wonderful colored pencils paintings in the examples. Reminded me that CP is a fun medium too!
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