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Gallery Mungyo Soft Square Pastels is my latest review on Rob's Art Supply Reviews blog. I finally wrote the article today after having finished the art a few days ago. I like to write up supplies after I've done a good artwork with them so I get a better idea of how they handle, not just charting them and getting a photo.

My packages from Jerry's Artarama arrived at ten this morning! They were SWIFT! Blew me away that I could order at one in the morning on Monday and have it all here at ten in the morning on Wednesday. Well worth the $4 expedite it fee. They did so, in a big way.

Assembling the Art Comber rolling chair and French Easel cart was a bit trippy. I'm that guy that always reads the instructions and does the steps methodically. Grandson of a man that kept the manuals and instructions for every appliance he ever owned and carefully clipped them off packaging if they weren't in an inserted booklet.

The only assembly instructions on the Art Comber are on the bottom of the big box, on one end. They show how to snap the wheels on, which is fairly self-evident. Getting the plastic and wire stiffener into the canvas bag properly while keeping the wires hooked into the flat plastic base of that assembly took a whole lot of standing, bending, cussing, running around and checking for further instructions. Also trial and error trying it three or four times before managing to keep it assembled long enough to slip into the bag and push into place where the canvas actually holds it together. There's velcro tabs to hold that in place once assembled - it's beautifully designed.

I just think it needed one of those single sheet instructions-with-diagrams pages tucked into the box with it, that's all. I could have drawn and written one of those things.

I am very happy with the product even though I threw my back and bad hip putting it together though. It's a good sturdy chair and cart that would've done me a world of good back in my old street art days in New Orleans. I could've loaded my whole kit on that and rolled it out to my spot, it rocks.

I don't have a good photo because it's just too dark in my room to get one. I have no idea why this room gets this dark, but it does. Away from my table I can't photo anything.

I tried to post a photo of my new supplies but LiveJournal's got a glitch in the image uploads today. "The requested method GET is not allowed for the URL/interface/webupload." What the blazes does that mean? I've got a paid account and I upload images here all the time.
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