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Daily Art and Wombat Planning

Daily art for June 18th - a sketch of injured kitten Dexter. His mother and sibling were beaten to death in Florida. Dexter survived but is severely wounded and being cared for at PetLuv veterinary clinic at their cost. What moved me so much about this little kitten is that even after this trauma, he still responds affectionately to people who are gentle with him and healing him. He's still loving.

I hope he survives, recovers completely and thrives in a new forever home, though he may always be a special needs cat. His courage and character are incredible, that he can still be loving and affectionate with his caretakers after that attack says so much about him.

Sketch is in Tombow pens in my Derwent journal. I did a lot that day, have been doing something major and physical every day for five days in a row. I think on the 18th that was when I cleared out the three shelf fiberboard shelf unit and moved it into the bathroom, then loaded the Space Cart with supplies. I've now got my Pan Pastels trays in easy reach on the top of the Space Cart.

Daily art for yesterday, June 19th. Fourth of my Spotlight Challenge pastel drawings. I liked the seagulls reference but cropped in close to this pair to make a better composition on the page. Carb-Othello pastel pencils.

I had intended to give it a wash, but liked how it looked dry. I love the way that journal gives me the option of using washes with pen or watercolor pencils or any sketch and wash medium. It's got nice tooth for pastel pencils too - just a good all-around journal. Ari has shedded some lovely pale Cat Hairs of Inspiration on the black suede cover, crinkly soft light undercoat hairs just to remind me I'm loved by a cat.

I had some serious composition problems with Lauren's Wombat. On all the preliminary sketches, value mass thumbnail and so on, I wound up almost centering the animal or literally centering him. He's about the shape of the paper as a shape! A boxy little animal with similar proportions to a 7 1/2" x 9 1/2" picture area. (8" x 10" with 1/4" left for matting space.) So I gave up on it and last night I sketched him like the preliminaries, in proportion to the page.

Then it hit me - I'd done him quite smaller in the ATC. Why couldn't I put him back into the middle ground and give a good lead-in to create a sense of his setting? Wombats roam around in suburban residential areas. That was one of the things Lauren mentioned long ago, that she'd see them in people's yards. So ever since then, I've planned to put him in a yard or a garden.

So right before bed, I sketched in Lauren's Wombat with pencil again on the good sanded pastel paper, erasing most of the first sketch. It's what's there above his back like a bush or something across the path. I will probably wind up changing the geometric path that turns left at the side of the page into something more like a melodic line - flagstones with irregular shapes crossing a lawn presumably in the direction of the house's front door. I might play with tree shadows on the sidewalk and lawn too, just to jazz it up.

This paper is either Fisher or Richeson Premium sanded pastel paper, I don't remember which. Both are archival and top quality though, so it doesn't really matter. I love the surface but forgot to pencil the brand name on the back of each piece when I cut it up.

I darkened the image a lot so the faint pencil lines could be seen. It's not really gray paper, it's actually a lovely white paper. But when I got it dark enough and contrasted enough for the lines to be visible it turned out a medium gray.

We have progress! I'm not sure if I'll be doing much on it today though. My prescriptions ran out completely. My Tramadol is held up waiting for my doctor to answer the fax and authorize it. So I'm going to be going downhill in a big way in about three hours when my last Tramadol dose wears off. The weather's been very good to me for the past five days so it may not be as bad as my worst, but I know how much my medication does for my ability to think, draw and function.

Today is a bad day because I'll be unmedicated, so I might want to keep things very simple in terms of daily art and do something that it won't matter if I mess it up. I might play with some extra preliminaries in the new composition, now that I have an entire lawn to play with. I'm thinking of putting some dandelions into it to liven up the grass and add some bright warm elements, or a flower border that the wombat's munching on.

Lauren, are there dandelions in Australia? Or are there different flowering weeds? Please let me know, I think the patches of yellow dandelions would look good but I'd like them to be true to the setting too.
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Jun. 20th, 2011 09:00 pm (UTC)
We definitely have dandelions. Trust me. *glares balefully at them*
Jun. 21st, 2011 08:30 pm (UTC)
I'm glad! Dandelions will really add to how the lawn looks. To be honest I think they look a lot better than grass.
Jun. 21st, 2011 08:33 pm (UTC)
The above comment was mine. I forgot I wasn't logged in after switching computers.
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