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My great migration home to San Francisco is underway. I did some more checking up on things and got some great news last night.

San Francisco licenses street artists. San Francisco Arts Commission runs the program, it has tight regulations that benefit the artists. License fees are a bit high but the tourists are year round. I have to be screened to prove that yes, I am the actual artist creating these works. I'm looking forward to that screening. I'll need to pay $20, show up, pass around 12 salable finished pieces (any medium) and half a dozen in progress. Then work on something to show them that yes, I am the artist who did these.

I keep imagining myself at that screening, setting out my pastel box, clipping a cool piece of colored paper like homemade Colourfix onto the board and dramatically sketching someone from life, or the room it's taking place in, or a cute kitten from a photo reference.

Now I know how much I missed that. Other good news. My power chair should be covered whether I need it to work or not, so I'll get one even if I go belly up and can't keep up the street art. I won't know until I try it with full medications in the best climate for my health with an assistant helping me set up and break down, whether I'll be able to do enough of it to live on it full time.

But if I can get out two days a week that might be enough to live on even at the hefty license fee.

Other Good News. My laptop came back from the repair shop and cost only $49 for the repairs. I still need to buy a copy of Vista so that I can reformat it, but they were generous enough to just suggest that we do that at home. I'll have it back for class tomorrow. I'll be taking notes up in my room where my class won't interfere with anyone else in the house.

My class is on painting buildings. I'm moving to a city full of beautiful buildings, where I could go down almost any street and find a place gorgeous enough to paint.

It's all coming together. After the darkness the dawn, after the pain the joy.

Kitten tells me the netbook may have the same problem the laptop did, and if so then upgrading it to Vista should solve the problem. That'd be great too. I'd be very happy to have both of these machines in good working order because the netbook is a lot more portable.

I don't like throwing away electronics. This is great news all around.

Also, despite feeling lousy physically this morning, I rousted myself up and raided my bookshelves. Wham! Two full shelves of books stacked to go to Vintage Bookstore and get sold, after my family has their pick of them. I'm purging ruthlessly. Every time I've ever moved, everyone who helped me complained about how many boxes of books I had. I have 360 books in my Kindle right now and all but six of them were free. When I want cheap 99 cent pulp genre fiction, that's also available on Kindle with the bonus of knowing the author gets a royalty instead of my picking it up on the Cheap Bin at a used bookstore.

I think the Kindle is about to save me at least a week or two of packing and a week or two of unpacking. So I'm very happy with that too!

It took a little experimentation to get the netbook to charge the Kindle, but it's working now and I see the green light on the battery so all's well there too. Those folks at the little computer shop down the lane are very good and since they were so kind to my budget I would use them again in a heartbeat.

This all started to look like it's a lot more practical. I'm going to have some weeks of fierce exertion and focus ahead, but I think I can get my possessions down to a quantity I can actually handle myself.

Meanwhile, for funding the move, a friend suggested putting up a Paypal donations link. I'm considering that, also considering doing a fire sale of some finished art that's been stacking up for a while. Stay tuned for news on that, whether I go for donations or eBay links, I'll post it all here. These are good ones like my recent landscape excursions, small format art, maybe some new ACEOs because I can do an ACEO within a day and still get some packing done if it's a good day.

Daily art is suspended for the duration, any drawing or painting I do is an extra on top of everything else I've got to have done. I may not have time to do the Jerry's contest and I might do a better job on the wombat without limiting myself to one brand of pastels. I could always submit the two Canadian geese as my entry and take my chances.
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Jun. 25th, 2011 01:22 am (UTC)
I missed your original post about this--but congratulations! It sounds wonderful.

You may be surprised to find yourself dancing some day. I never thought I would walk 6 miles in the woods last year, but I did.

All things are possible, I guess.
Jun. 25th, 2011 03:15 pm (UTC)
I know. I've been slowly regaining some strength from better diet but I've been living in climates that ruin me. I won't know what I can do in San Francisco until I've lived there at least a year to know the seasons and my limits. I do know it's the best climate place, if I can do it there that's my best shot of doing it anywhere.

I will be happy if I can make it through one slow song before sitting down again and not throw my back. I dance well, in a weird sort of jazz dance type of way. I use motions that are within my range and stay on one leg or the other most of the time so I'm not doing that pounding asymmetry thing. In some ways dancing was easier than standing or walking when I could do it.

But I haven't had the energy to make it through an entire song for years. That's a personal goal because I know I did that before and I had these same crooked bones when I did.
Jun. 25th, 2011 03:17 pm (UTC)
LOL that was me. See my next entry. I forgot that in effect I'm using a new computer.
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