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Sale of the Keepers!

Green Bridge, Wales is the first artwork I'm letting go of in "Sale of the Keepers!"

Sale of the Keepers is my fundraiser for moving to San Francisco. I'm going to be ruthlessly going through every artwork I planned to frame and hang on my own walls, keeping only two or three of those favorites like my favorite painting of Ari and a still life I did in a workshop. Minimum bids are set at reasonable minimum prices and there is no reserve - no tricky higher price the bids need to reach in order to sell it. No misleading 99 cent minimum bids to get attention where you wouldn't actually get it for that price if you're the only bidder.

If you get it for minimum bid, then you do!

I'm asking all my online friends to copy the link to my Sale of the Keepers listings: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110707684514#ht_1087wt_942 and post it on Facebook or any other social media you use. You can help me move just by sharing that link! If you bid on the art, you'll be helping in an even more tangible way and might win some pieces I never intended to sell.

I'll do more. I'm going home to a place where I couldn't open my eyes without seeing a paintable view. Clearing my walls as thoroughly as I'm clearing my shelf space!

Lauren, if you buy any, they go in the package with your art because it's a big package anyway and you already paid shipping. I'll refund the shipping if you're the buyer.
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