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Packing Progress!

First, if you saw my earlier post, http://robertsloan2.livejournal.com/585925.html, and can't afford to pitch in a few bucks to help me move - you can still help big time. Just copy the link and repost it on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, any social media you have. Ask them to pass it on. If friends of friends of friends start pitching in it'll reach the goal without burdening anyone. I'll pay it forward passing on fund raising posts and links for others in need.

HUGE THANKS to everyone who donated, including my fellow Johannes Vloothuis students who thanked me for taking notes on "Essentials of Painting Buildings." I will be online July 30th to take notes on "Essentials of Painting Mountains" I'll even be within sight of the Rockies to get some cool reference photos on that day. Plans are shaping up!

I'm within spitting distance of my $2,000 goal - the savings I would have had for travel, shipping and contingencies if I'd been able to save up for a year or more before moving. With everything aggregated together, I'm only $357.14 short of goal. I'll post updates as donations come in. We are well past the point of Dire Necessity into comforts, setup for my street art business and savings to cover my "necessities after rent" shortfall till I'm self supporting again. That would be cat food/litter, smoking, a pay as you go phone plan for personal phone, cheapest possible dialup for personal Internet.

Business Internet, the vital one, is decided. I finished comparing Sprint, Verizon and AT&T to get the best plan from Verizon for $80 a month with mobile hot spot. Using my 2 year plan discount to get an iPhone 4G because its 5 megapixel HDR camera will pay for itself fast on prints sales and paintings from far better references. $200 phone instead of $500 camera, that's a pretty big deal. I lost some megapixels but I'm so thrilled with the quality of the images and the fact of not having to carry an extra device that this will be my serious camera for years.

It also functions like the Kindle, throwing in everything from a $5 new art medium (vs. $80 Wacom Bamboo or equally expensive iPad) to the iPod that I never budgeted into spending money - 16 gig is enough for me - and the netbook itself. I was satisfied with the way Kitten browsed on hers and used it, this is good for Mobile Internet and takes less pocket space than a netbook. That comes out of Business income anyway - a mid-month payment for some articles I sold, two art sales and an affiliate ad check cover the smartphone, two years service plan, $5 Brushes and a rubber protective case with a clear screen protector.

Resolution: It's like the Kindle. No paid apps other than Brushes till I'm either earning a living beyond necessities or I've moved to rent controlled housing and have spending money again. The freebies for it sure are sweet though! I could not have done this except with a two year plan, it was loony expensive without one. More than my laptop!

Panda Demo Project from Colin Bradley's video on ArtistsNetworkTV. Sascha chose the video, she loved the panda and drew her own version of it. I chose only the pastel pencils she had in her 12 color set to do the project. She used construction paper because she wanted purple paper.

Sascha's Panda Demo Project.

I did the quick pencil sketch for both of us since Colin Bradley started with the sketch done, it wasn't fair for her to have to struggle with copying it even on freeze frame since this was about using the pastel pencils.

Sascha also helped me pack for hours and hours on the 5th. We got five shelves and four small drawers emptied out and packed. The shelves are looking scraggly. I gave her a huge shopping bag full of student art supplies, so she's getting something for all her efforts besides time with Grandpa.

Yesterday, I was wiped out from that effort when she breezed in telling me "Today is my Special Day, right?" Kitten and Karl asked me if I would spend one whole day with her while they go out with her brother for something. I thought that was cool but forgot which Wednesday it was. Sascha only understood "Wednesday."

So we wound up spending most of the day drawing and watching videos. I got my street art application in, that went out with this morning's outgoing mail. Whoohoo! I'm on my way!

Airline tickets
Screen doctors, make appt.
15th - make appt. for IHSS intake
15th Confirm Winton Hotel
Compare Fedex and UPS
Contact Walgreens for move
Get iPhone + plan.
Packing (ongoing)
Ari Vet/Shots (Kitten has to do this by the time I leave, it's her deal with the vet swapping services for services.)

Today, like all days, I'll try to get something important done for the move. Might want to get the airline tickets in advance, to get the best deal.
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Jul. 7th, 2011 08:01 pm (UTC)
My iphone camera is pretty decent, I've abandoned my digital SLR more or less. I snapped 1100 photos in the netherlands, some writing reference, some idea reference ( I have a slew of keukenhof garden photos you'd probably enjoy).

I'm kinda tight on cash post trip, but if there's an app or two you find you JUST gotta get and they're not free, make a wishlist and we'll see what we can do.

I have sketchbook mobile but I cannot parse how to make it work!!!!

Jul. 7th, 2011 08:33 pm (UTC)
Purr! Wow, thank you! If you just share the link around on your friends list and Facebook and that, it'd help with the cash. Some other friends did and that's how it's built so high.

Purr thank you for offering the apps! Sketchbook Mobile sounds like one that I'll want. I've heard it mentioned. Brushes is three main one and already budgeted. Anything for actually doing artwork.

The other one I'd want that's probably not free is the game Bejeweled. I had a black and white version on an old handheld device back in 2004 and really enjoyed it, but it never saved scores since it was a trial version.

Other than art apps and Bejeweled, all the ones I really want are free. I haven't looked for a medication minder that'd chime and remind me to take my pills, but that's the sort of thing that's probably a free utility since it's a variation on Alarm Clock.

I'm amazed... you actually abandoned a real digital SLR for your phone camera? Awesome! You just confirmed my choice as a good one. I need to do product photography for online, art photography for online, art photography at high resolution for prints, photo references for doing art, art photography with truest color, value, details for art contests.

I do need to get Ari a smaller cat carrier. The one he has now is a bit too large, 3" too tall for going under the seat. He's a cat though. He has a lot of room in those hard sided carriers, I just need to get him a new one.
Jul. 7th, 2011 08:50 pm (UTC)
yeah, my rather old digital canon elph was just not up to snuff taking photos, obviously the iphone surpassed it. ( hipstamatic is good for mucking with photo effects, too) ( sorry not SLR, brain numpty..sigh..)

And while travelling I wanted to keep the spendy gadgetry upon me, to a minimum. europe being somewhat a pickpockety haven, so I'm told.

Its not great at distance zoom but does a great job of closeups.

We have a newer digital but I have yet to LEARN it the way I know the old one.

( There's very few actual humans on my LJ feed these days. I'll throw the link on twitter tho,)

The upside the the iphone makes for posting pix super simple. I don't know if you're on FB or twitter but I do a lot of pic posting these days.

I thought of your sketch work while I was trucking thru museums. All the masters seemed to produce rafts of sketches and bits!

I took swaths of photos having been re inspired to pick up Sascha's story and a rich background and a better sense of what I want him to be. ( he flat out LIES in a few spots. I taught him to LIE!!!)

I'll get the keukenhof/netherlands pics up by the time you hit SFO and you can gleefully raid what you like for your own use. orchids and tulips and lilies oh my. canals and bikes and all manner of things that might just turn you into a dutch master.:D
Jul. 7th, 2011 10:17 pm (UTC)
Oh that is awesome! I'm so glad you're working on Sascha's story again. He is so cool. You have a fan. Glad he learned how to lie. Purrr thank you for the photos!

Yeah, I considered that about the iPhone too. Spendy gadgetry in my chest pocket feels a lot safer than something I have to put down that could get snatched up. That's part of why I'm getting the service plan for it. It's covered against theft.

Good to know that about distance zoom, it's not something for identifying the blurry little bird on the tree in the distance. Hope it's good for landscapes with mountains though if I'm trying to get the whole scene. It seemed like it would be. Macros are awesome to draw from. It did seem like posting pix would be super easy. I'm on both FB and Twitter. I don't usually put pics on Twitter but if I can, I might once in a while.

All those masters producing truckloads of sketches are why I decided to go from knowing how to draw to learning how to sketch. My drawing improved so much from getting into that habit.
Jul. 7th, 2011 11:01 pm (UTC)
I can find you on FB or twitter, you can see examples of iphone pix.
Jul. 8th, 2011 01:26 am (UTC)
Purr thanks! My FB Profile Link for that, lemme get Twitter for you too. Me Profile Twitter. - Now it's easy. :D

Me follow you soon as you connect.
( 6 comments — Leave a comment )


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