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Still Packing and Phoning...

Talked to my Verizon rep this morning. With much sorting out, it turns out the cheapest way to get both phone and Internet together gets me only 2 gig of access, but the bill's still the same size. Otherwise I'd wind up with two different Internet services to use the phone. Yeesh. But the good news, don't need to pay a lump sum for extended warranty, that's only $1.99 a month which comes out cheaper than what I thought the lump sum was.

The down side, I may have to pay a deposit to get it. At least it's refundable in a year of paying the bill on time. That's still pending. I hope if it is, that it's not large.

The up side. I did more packing today and actually went through the entire stack of tubs in my room. I needed to in order to find space for some of the stuff on and around my table. Slowly the clutter is thinning out. It doesn't look much like it, but it's thinning out. Most of all what's being packed is high priority stuff that will be easy to find if I get this sorted out right. I gave Kitten all of my discontinued Winsor & Newton Finity Acrylics because I tried the new formula W&N Artist's and liked them better.

One less thing to pack and it made room in the box for a whole lot of colored pencils sets, consolidating all the space Prismacolors in one place and filling that box completely with important, get at it often tins of most-used other pencils. Inktense Blocks are in that tub. It'll be much easier to use those things with them in a clear tub, even if it gets packed into an opaque box with other stuff to be shipped.

Got the tub on the bottom out, discovered it was full and low priority, already organized, just needs to get labeled. Excellent. Already packed.

Got in the last two parts of my "Passion for Portraits Sweepstakes" winnings. Didn't unpack the five top quality canvases. They'll get stuck into a larger box or shipped as they are. Did open the Joe Miller Signature Field Easel and discovered it's beautiful. As advertised, it is extremely easy to set up. So easy that I did it without any help for the first time. Packed it back into the box it came. The big box that box was in has room for some other stuff on top of it.

Good thing that I tried to search for doctors today. Phone checking revealed that I first need to call a contact number and choose a health plan to get the provider list, but the number will let me find out which plan better covers my needs. Must also search for a San Francisco bank tomorrow the hard way, googling SF Banks and looking at their plans and fees in detail to find the right one.

Packing was insane. I was up five minutes at a time, then had to sit down for an hour or two to rest, then up again. Sascha helped me a bit but I didn't push her as hard as I did the first time she helped, don't want to tire her out that much. It's all getting done, one step at a time.

Big thanks to everyone who helped donate toward my move. It made the difference. Enormous difference. I can do this. I just need to do it now, one step and one day at a time till everything's taken care of. This week I set four sub-goals for packing. Did one yesterday. Did something toward the other three today and might do a little more on one of them tonight. They'll all be done this week, I hope.
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Jul. 12th, 2011 09:14 pm (UTC)
Good luck with your move to SF. Re banks try credit unions they seem to have friendlier polcis and free ATMs at other Credit Unions. The big banks are getting greedier and greedier. You are doing a great job of planning ahead to make your move go smoothly.
Jul. 13th, 2011 03:08 am (UTC)
So very true about Credit Unions! I found a very good one for my savings account, the search is on for either a larger one or an actual bank. Smaller banks seem to have friendlier policies too.

Thank you! Sometimes it doesn't feel like that when I'm up to my neck in things that need to be done.

Slowly though, the "Done" list is increasing and the "To Do" list diminishing. I may be past the halfway point of everything I need to do by phone from here! Not the packing yet but I'll get a break on Thursday when some of the boxes leave the house!
Jul. 13th, 2011 04:55 pm (UTC)
Yeah, "done" boxes in the way ... that really throws a wrench into things because every time you see them you have to keep thinking about them. I had that problem when I was preparing to move from Savannah to Indiana. At one point I considered making a smaller move of them into storage, but it would've been needless spending. Glad you're getting to do the equivalent by mailing some off.

Jul. 13th, 2011 05:41 pm (UTC)
Yep. Also I packed some of them on a bad day and so I have to repack them. Everything is stacked up in my way. Tomorrow I'm actually sending some boxes, so that will make it easier.

Yikes, moving from Savannah to Indiana, I remember you had an entire apartment of stuff and furniture to pack up. So that must have been a lot to work around.
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