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Progress on Packing...

Remember that pencil case that drove me nuts because I couldn't find it?

I moved it from where I usually keep it right in reach. I put it somewhere safe that I wouldn't forget it. I checked everywhere - even unlikely places I'd never look like in the bathroom drawers or the closet. Had to find that. It was important, supposed to go in Carry On Bag.

It was already inside the Daniel Smith Walnut Ink Travel Kit mesh bag. I couldn't see it in there because stuff was piled on top of it. The bag was stuffed. Good thing I decided to organize it tonight, because the actual walnut ink can't go through airport security. It's a liquid.

Break my heart to see a brand new unused bottle of beautiful ink poured out because of terrorism. I can't even have a full water bottle, have to refill it from the tap.

Anyhow, Errant Pencil Bag is now retrieved and I'm relieved!

Decided today on visiting the UPS store that I'm going to let them pack my good pastels. Going on Thursday with them. They are valuable and fragile. UPS will take a lot more care with them if they pack and they are much better at packing than I am. I'll also get them sooner sending them on in advance to CeCe's house in Nevada.

Then I can use them there - maybe get some sketches of the mountains done before the Monday four hour road trip to San Francisco itself. I'm about half done with all phoning ahead and getting things set up before I get there. I've got almost three weeks to go, about half of the time I had. That part's going well!

Packing will take another giant leap forward when some stuff is literally out of my room making space to spread out the rest and make decisions. This week's much more productive in packing. It was a good idea to start with the things I'll be bringing in carry on and usually use every day - the high priority stuff. The rest is all in reach, ready to tuck in around it in those odd spaces that open up.

I also bought a big double walled tough box to pack many small boxes into and send that on Thursday too. That'll account for many of the colored pencils, some big pads and oversize portfolios and important things like that. I feel good about today's progress.

Not sure if I can get the iPhone 4G though or if I'll have to settle for a Mobile Hot Spot and add the iPhone 4G later on. Depends on how large the deposit is. I have zero credit, have been living with family just paying my share of household rent/expenses on time without separate bills in my name. Well, that will build up slowly with bills paid on time and rebuilding my savings. Either I can afford it or I can't. If not, I'll get what I can afford and just be glad to have fast Internet access.
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Jul. 13th, 2011 05:38 am (UTC)
I will mention that the deposit for the iPhone was several hundred dollars with my credit situation, so that wasn't viable for me. However, even with said bad credit, I was still able to get a netbook with 3G built in from Verizon. If the deposit for the phone is too much, look into the netbook. It'll keep you online for about the same price as the phone and be easier to type at :)

I believe this is the one I have: http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/store/controller?item=phoneFirst&action=viewPhoneDetail&selectedPhoneId=5560&deviceCategoryId=7
Jul. 13th, 2011 02:52 pm (UTC)
Thanks. If your credit situation was worse than "zero credit" this is heartening, because the only problem I have is "zero credit." No history.

I already have a netbook. What I need is the mobile hot spot to be able to have access at all. If I got a netbook as the free or cheap deal, then I'd have to buy the hot spot for $49.99 - so since I have one, it's better to get the mobile hot spot as the free item.
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