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Five Day Crash, not Two Day Crash...

Yikes. It's Wednesday and my back is still giving me that much of a hard time. Yesterday I got a couple of boxes packed, one medium, heavy and important, one large, lightweight and lower priority. There is still so much just in art supplies left to pack. So I've had to triage harder on other things - may keep the personal stuff dead simple and reduce it to what can go in luggage, other than maybe using some sheets or towels to pad art supplies.

I'm half excited, half terrified, mostly on the packing and shipping. Packing is going very slow because of the strain on my back. If it hurts, I sit and rest till it stops hurting. I have nine days to get it all done. Only nine days.

Ran into a snag with Social Security. They will be giving me a large enough check to live on - starting in September, not August, so I've got to be very frugal and careful about how I plan for August.

Today if I can manage it, I'll tackle the very big box that I bought from UPS. That one may be a really important one, the last of the urgent stuff that I need right away. I am getting so fed up with the wobbly ArtBin Tote Express that I'm tempted not even to use it for luggage, stick it empty in a low priority box and get it later to use for storage. It'll weigh a ton once packed. I'm not sure I can keep it under 50lb.

I will be so glad when this is all done and I'm on my way. I've made one mistake already but if I can just get it all done, it'll get easier once I'm there and have IHSS help.
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