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Writer's Block: FWB

Sure, the pros are obvious—but what are the cons of having a friend with benefits?

I don't "date" people and get sexual without making friends, so this is a moot point. Casual safe sex with a trusted friend is a lot safer than dragging attractive strangers into bed. Any serious relationship that grows out of it has a sounder basis, it's more likely to last and be compatible. You're more likely to have common ground, shared interests, similar habits with a real friend - versus a destructive personality in a pretty package who comes along seductive from the first moment.

I don't get the "dating" idea where it's all about looks and people are almost interchangeable. A relationship that's based only on sex is going to hide many pitfalls from politics to personal habits, finances and personality conflicts. When you make friends with someone first, you know all those things and know what you can compromise or not, you work half of it out before it's weighted with sex or romance. They have a reason to care about you beyond immediate attraction.

Net results - every time a relationship started in friendship, it's ended well and gone back to the same good friendship. My ex-girlfriends are still good friends. I was just chatting my closest one yesterday and we're still on the same wavelength as when we met. So my rule two is: preserve the friendship before, during and after the relationship, it's far more lasting and priceless.
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