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Did it!

My big Giant Box went out today along with several others. It has my field easel, umbrella, mat cutter, Dakota Traveller pastel box, a whole lot of other art supplies including almost all the review stuff I still need to write up for Rob's Art Supply Reviews and some of the Portrait sweepstakes goodies. I used a comforter and several pillows for padding, so I've got at least some bedding for when I arrive.

I also sent the mat boards, foam boards, big sketchboard and a small heavy box of colored pencils that has all my Prismacolors. Something about this shipment relieved a lot of my worries. The bulk of the important stuff is gone. I've got four or five more art stuff boxes to ship but none will be as physically hard to pack as this batch. A lot of what still needs packing - personal stuff, books and some other less urgent art supplies like extra frames and canvases - isn't as urgent. Some of it can wait till September or even later.

I guess I'll find out what a "large but light weight" box costs when I pack the canvases and frames. I can probably combine those. I still need to choose two suitcases and pack them too, decide if I want my Pan Pastels in luggage or just pack them into one of the two boxes I bought today. I'm on a very tight shipping budget now because the money's running out and I still need to get my Internet started.

Today's shipping was even more than last time, it was $447 because the Giant Box weighed 100lb and I had the heavy colored pencils box too along with the archival foam boards box and the mat boards and specialty papers box. What I need to do the street art is on its way or there in Nevada.

I may wind up getting driven to food banks by church volunteers during August to make it work, but as long as I get everything there and get my rent and Internet paid, I'm there. The rest all takes the time it does and happens as it does. I will make it. The hardest part just got taken care of.
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