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My flight was amazing. I had the happiest flight experience of my life. I didn't have to walk except carrying a quiet, well behaved Ari through the security gate. I got through that in five minutes.

I didn't have to walk. Wheelchair and attendant all the way in every airport. I didn't have to carry my carry on. I had help with everything and I was so happy I didn't even crave cigarettes on the plane.

Normally I'm afraid of flying in part because I'm afraid of being deprived of nicotine. I don't like nicotine withdrawal. But for the past five years I've been steadily changing my smoking habits to reduce the quantity and enjoy it more when I smoke. I vaguely thought about trying to reduce the addiction to manage it.

I noticed that sometimes if a chapter or painting was going well, I'd forget to smoke. Cool, more for later. So if I forget to smoke, I'm good.

Half the time if I have the urge to smoke I just roll a cigarette, get distracted with what I'm doing and forget to smoke it.

On the plane I discovered that I'd licked the addiction without trying. By trying to manage it and enjoying the substitute behavior of preparing to smoke, I trained my body to expect intervals and that tobacco's a treat and a relief when I do need it. It acts faster than anything else. I don't want to lose that.

So I'm self medicating with a legal herb and enjoy it as a treat.

I do NOT advise this for other smokers who want to quit for health reasons. I did it the hard way. The easy way is cold turkey, break the addiction completely, detoxify and develop substitute habits. That will work faster and is or can be permanent.

What I did was a very slow process of working on personal growth and changing my habits in everything. It was a deep attitude change and it may even be just a biological advantage. Alcoholics are addicted from the first sip. For all I know, I happen to have an unusual level of Resistance to Addiction in my genetics.

I've taken addictive pain killers for a week after surgery and been warned that I'd have some withdrawals when the pills ran out. I forgot to take the pills when I went home and felt no need for them. So there are other circumstances in my life where I should have been addicted and wasn't. I think that I'm lucky and just happen to be "resistant to addiction" genetically.

That's a happy self discovery though. With so much wrong with my body, discovering that I have a super healthy good point helps balance off the limp and the pain and the crookedness. I feel good about it and better about my body as it is to know that I've got a few biological advantages along with all the problems.

Verizon didn't send out my mobile hot spot fast enough. Kitten didn't get it on Friday as promised. She didn't get it yesterday either. She'll send it Priority Mail when she does, a package of last minute urgent things is already packed and ready to have that one last small thing tucked in and be sent. I'll have it two business days after she gets it.

So I'll be offline for a few days and I don't know how many. I'm going to have to call Verizon and find out what happened tomorrow. The call center promised they'd send it overnight at no extra charge, but it still hasn't arrived. If they goofed and just didn't send it yet, I'll tell them to overnight it to SF and get it faster. If it's in transit I'll get the tracking number. So one way or another I'll get this solved.

I'll write up a blog about my first night offline and post it as soon as I get online. I'm going home and this is the best trip I've ever had. All that work and worry paid off big time! Purr and thanks for reading. Huge thanks to everyone who helped!
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Aug. 1st, 2011 06:00 am (UTC)
Yay! I'm so glad you're in safe and that you're having fun. I was worried the flight and drive would be stressful but it sounds like you've been having a blast. I hope Ari is taking it as well too!

Also, that's awesome on the smoking. I remember back when you were smoking several packs a day, and I was worried about you. I smoke in moderation at this point, myself, though far far more rarely than you do (it takes me a year or more to go through a pack of cloves). I have found that it helps with my pain when I do smoke but I can't smoke regularly because it gives me headaches if I do.

Smoking for pain relief actually came up on dot_gimp_snark a bit ago, and a number of people mentioned they found nicotine in small doses helped with their chronic pain. So it's certainly not just you!

In Cali, you should also have *cough* other options, if you see the right doctor. :)
Aug. 9th, 2011 12:54 am (UTC)
No kidding. I can't wait till I get an appointment with a new GP to ask about medical marijuana. I think that would rock.
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