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Today, I got three important things in the mail and all of the stuff I'm going to have till I get some money in to have more sent from Arkansas. Social Security sent the form for me to get the Restaurant Dining allotment for not having a kitchen - Chinese delivery, here I come. California's health department sent my benefits card, which means I probably already have MediCal. SF Arts Commission sent the notice that my screening for Street Art is August 25th.

No more resting up for a while! I need to have 12 new pieces and half a dozen unfinished ones done by the 25th now. I'll also be dead flat broke after paying the license fee for three months.

CeCe drove in from Nevada this morning and brought the rest of my stuff - everything she had. The chair did fit in the car because they took it apart. Both of the three drawer units fit. So did everything else. It's incredible.

I'm sitting in the most comfortable recliner I've ever owned. I've sat in a couple of them that were this good but they weren't mine. This one is. I love it. I've got a blanket draped over it as cat armor and I'll change that regularly - should probably use one of the red ones to keep the color harmony of the room. But this green one has such a soft texture that I think I'll just stick with it.

Ari got nervous and ran under the bed while they were up here. He also decided he wanted to open the bag of Hairball Formula cat food for himself, but I packed that away in a box in the closet till he eats at least some more of the Mature Formula so I can mix it together in the nice sealed bug-proof plastic cat food container. He likes both. He just couldn't get at his food bowl with stuff stacked up all around the room.

So he settled down and quit trying to break into the closet after I got some of it cleared away and filled his bowl. Poor little furball. He had to wait two hours for his snack. He ate three kibbles and wandered off to lay down.

They left about four hours ago and I've been putting things away all afternoon. I'm exhausted, but my room is still a mess so I need to keep putting stuff away at least till I can move around. I've got places to put it though! It's going to be great when I'm done.

I also took three pages of notes on Johannes Vloothuis "Essentials of Painting Mountains" this morning because CeCe was hung up in a motorcycle rally and didn't arrive till close to the end of the class. So that was great for my classmates getting my notes earlier in the week and better for me being able to ask questions in class. It was great as usual. I loved his oils demo, it's inspirational. Wonder if I've got time for an alla prima oils landscape to dry before the 25th...

I got one more happy surprise today. A cheerful black lady came banging on the doors this morning while CeCe and Brian were bringing everything up from the car. She gave me a packed lunch! A liberal church did a food delivery today and made sure everyone in the building got a good lunch - summer sausage sandwich, some crisps, a cookie, a boiled egg and best of all, blueberries with a strawberry! Mmmm! The last thing I expected was blueberries out of the blue and a great lunch.
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