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Update on Phone Tag and San Francisco

I love my city. I'm going to start this by saying that I love my city and its hard working social services people. I've had more help here than anywhere else I've ever lived - they are closing the cracks for me. 

I had phone tag last week. I needed a doctor's note verifying I need In Home Support Services (IHSS) to get it. For that I needed to be on MediCal. I heard several versions - one was that I had MediCal from the day I moved into the state, the other that it wouldn't be active till  September 1st because my Social Security didn't get changed to my new location till Sept. 1st. 

I called a bunch of clinics to find a free one, eventually found a drop in clinic that wouldn't charge me if I had an eligibility letter from MediCal stating that I would have it as of Sept. 1st because they could retro it. So called Social Security to get the letter. They told me to call MediCal. MediCal told me to call Social Security. I told the guy they'd given me the MediCal number and he got confused, went to talk to his supervisor and left me on hold for 20 minutes. I hung up and tried again, same result except the lady was more experienced.

She understood on the first explanation and went to talk to her supervisor, said she'd call me back. 20 minutes later she called me back to tell me the letter was on its way. Whew! Now on Monday I can get to the Drop In clinic, get the doctors note for IHSS and get my presrciptions, which are right about due now.

Turns out I did better than I thought. IHSS Trina had been working on it from the other end. My going through all the hoops myself got it activated now - so I can get IHSS before the end of the month. SHe marked my case "Urgent" and on Monday, a social worker will call me to set an appointment for my in home assessment. I'm listing my needs, the things I need IHSS to help with. Cleaning and help with bathing are high on that list along with case management. I might be able to stop doing my own phone tag now. Whew!

I've also been getting sick. I overdid it physically on Saturday and Sunday and my back hasn't recovered. I started going into the fog on Monday's phone calls and by the time I hit the volleyball day I was almost incoherent. I've been making really stupid mistakes. 

I missed an appointment with someone at the Unitarian church to volunteer to teach some art classes in the Religious Educaiton program. She suggested that I wait till spring to volunteer and get on the schedule. I agree - that'll be a lot easier. I thought I had to sign up right away because she was recuriting but I wasn't ready. That was my poor judgment - volunteering before I took care of all my necessities when I'm already running on empty.

I was supposed to call SF Arts Commission on Monday to confirm my screening appointment by the 15th. The letter came on Saturday. I called yesterday and yes, I do still have my place in line. That was a biggie, I might have been bumped to September.

I get up to get food, forget what I got up for and wash my hands. I go out to use the bathroom and forget the toilet paper, walk back for it, stay on my feet that much longer. I'm making bigger mistakes every day as I get more stressed and farther out into the fog.

I started really feeling it after that call yesterday when I found out I will get a case manager. I was in Emergency Mode, holding myself together, making quick decisions whether they're right or not.. I did it. I did things that were way beyond me in this move from the day I knew I was leaving.

I packed or sorted all of my art supplies. I sorted and prioritized everything else. I packed more than I've done for any interstate move in my life, and more organized. I didn't realize that till tonight when Nonny pointed it out. Then right from the beginning I took on all my own paperwork and phone tag, dealing with Social Security and all the social services and all the charities that I might be eligible for. I still keep looking up resources.
Tonight I found out that Glide Memorial provides chiropracty and acupuncture. I hope those treatments are covered on MediCal but I know if they're not, Glide probably has a sliding scale. A chiropractor would do me a world of good right now. That'd be a complete reset on what I did to my back and give me the energy to carry through on and after the street art screening.

Tonight is one of those nights it hurts too much to sleep. So I'm awake and thinkign about things. The worst of the things I have to do is over and I'll have real help with the rest. IHSS will help me bathe before my street art screening. So now I'm feeling everything I stuffed and noticing that I'm not functioning that well. Arkansas cut off my Androgel prescription since January so I wasn't functioning all that well to begin with, but I might get it as soon as Monday since the drop in doctor can prescribe.
Karl told me "Congratulations on finishing your journey through the underworld." It was. But like Odysseus, when I got home I wasn't done with the adventures and the great feats and putting my life to rights. Unlike Odysseus, I'm a hard core peacenik about it, one step short of absolute pacifism. I would defend self and others with minimum force. 

I live in San Francisco now. I can be a lot bolder about statements like that.

I love my city.

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Aug. 21st, 2011 06:09 pm (UTC)
Sounds good!
Sorry you have been feeling badly and hopefully by today you are better. Things sound like they are falling into place and I am so happy for you. Ah, San Francisco! I can feel the air as I type! Lucky you!!!!
Aug. 21st, 2011 08:47 pm (UTC)
Re: Sounds good!
Purr thank you! I am feeling better today, enough that I went out to the Unitarian Universalist service. It was great. I met Rev. Kalendae and sang with everyone (glad that when there's that many people I get drowned out if I'm off key lol). I hung out for coffee afterwards and met a bunch of people including a member of the art group. They meet every month, so it's going to be a lot of fun.

I forgot all sorts of things, like my phone, but I still had a great time. First time I've been out since I got here other than walking to Walgreens for an extension cord and picking up sweetener yesterday at the corner store. I found out it's only a $5 cab ride to get to church, so I'll be using cabs till I can get in the program for the disabled door to door bus.
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