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Week of unexpected rest. :P

I didn't want to spend the whole week sleeping and sitting around in a daze barely managing to keep my eyes open. I did it, because I wiped out after the 3 Day Novel.

I sent in my entry on time.

I did my editing on Monday, all of it. I formatted on Tuesday, which was mainly indenting paragraphs and removing the space between them after changing the font size to 11, the font to Courier New and double spacing it. Manuscripts look stupid with spaces between paragraphs so I successfully converted.

It took enormous will power not to change any of the prose since I couldn't help rereading one more time while formatting. But I didn't edit - I just formatted it.

Instead I was happy with my edits. I got a lot more confidence in the possibility of my winning this year. It's a better, more polished book than I've ever sent. It has a couple of literary quirks that make it a non-standard fantasy novel. Yes, it's a boy from Earth discovering that he's really an elven changeling and running off with an elven woman into fantasy lands... but he's not quite normal and he comes from 1971, so he's coming into the Great War of Good and Evil as an anti-war angry young man.

That conflict might drive a series.

But the mental effort of doing all that editing was more than I've ever done too. By the time I finished, I literally passed out. Then slept 12 hours, formatted, went back to bed, got up and wasn't up to doing anything for two more days with much sleep and many naps.

Today was the first day I've been truly conscious since this year's 3 Day Novel romp. I don't mind. I can accept that editing a novel takes a whole lot more effort than writing one does. If I'd just sent it rough, I could've gone breezing into the week after a good mental vacation. I did a good job at a task I'm not skilled enough at to just relax while doing it.

I think next year it'll be easier. Last year I edited half the book and left off at midnight, trusting they could judge quality by the front end. This year, the whole book's edited. Who knows, maybe next year's I'll write even faster, leave more room for editing and polish the opener one more time before sleeping - rather than pass out as soon as I edit the last chapter.

I spent the day thinking about my cover commission for River Girl, sketched it several times on the good paper and erased till I had a sketch I liked and got started. I'm now about 2/3 done with the colored pencil, what's left is mostly the background forest and mountains.

Then it's off to the scanner to typeset the title and author name. I still need to do the little back cover illo too but that's going to be fun. That and color-pick the color of the paper off the scan of the illustrations to create the spine.
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