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Day 21 - Whale sighting, roach wars

First, today's daily art is a bold new addition to my street artist screening portfolio. I think this one may knock the committee's socks off.

Humpback - Dancing Water 7" x 10" pastel on black PastelMat coated pastel card.

Second, we had Pest Control come in back on the 19th. I was looking forward to it because I've been starting to see more of the dang things every day and they were nesting in my television. Turned out that I didn't need to protect my cat that thoroughly, he only anointed a couple of key spots where the roaches were traveling around the building instead of fogging or filling the place with cat-toxic chemistry.

Unfortunately, all that did was stir up the local hordes and put them on the war path. Scouting parties have been roaming around the room. I moved and eliminated several of their hiding places and went to a new feeding pattern with Ari.

He won't adapt to being fed morning and night on a schedule like a dog. No, feeding my cat without feeding the little scavengers has turned into personal service on request. When he's hungry, he walks over and sits beside the hermetically sealed food tub. He mews prettily. I get up and take out his bowl, set it out for him and put it away when he's done. So I'm getting healthful exercise getting up to feed my cat as many times a day as he wants it, but I'm not buying expensive cat food for the roach population any more either.

The first battle was not a success, other than that my eliminating a couple of their nests seems to have stirred them all up. Also they started going on the march between rooms. My next-door neighbor pulled all his furniture out into the hall and scoured his room today. I'm not capable of that, but I got some help from Harry the manager. Wow!

He's fought and won these battles many times. He came in with a pump sprayer filled with alcohol and bleach. Yep. Two common substances, neither of them extremely toxic to pets or people the way Raid and that sort of thing is. Raid is right out of it.

However, his simple mix of alcohol and bleach seems to do the job great. I'm looking over the battlefield and think that today's blast has more than decimated the enemy. Harry actually moved the television and got most of that nest running out of it to get practically drowned in the stuff. He sprayed down the cabinet under the TV so thoroughly it was wet. He got the carpet around and behind it. He got the spot where I put my boots - which had become one of their temporary bivouac spots as of yesterday.

I countered that by putting boric acid inside my boots. I'm going to have to shake them out the window at the end of the hall before wearing them again because I'm pretty sure there's bodies inside. I put down boric acid under them yesterday and that did in about a dozen. But still whenever I picked up a boot to smash one in the middle of the room, two or three more would dart out and run away.

I ambushed and hand slaughtered dozens yesterday, of every size. I've been watching for them at my cat's meals too, it gives me something to do while waiting for him to finish. I'm faster if I slip on my clogs and just stomp. Ari's getting used to that.

He got into the insect-killing spree today when a rather large fly came in through the window. I keep it open an inch or so for ventilation and the fly wandered in. Ari chased it and amused himself swatting and jumping at it for about an hour. I think it beat its retreat when Harry came in with the tank of bleach and alcohol.

Right now the door's propped open with my cane and easel stand, while Ari is showing no signs of running out in the hall we can air out our room from the smell. The cool thing is that Harry has fought this battle and won many times. He's coming in every other day or so with the pump to do it again for a couple of weeks, so I think we will be able to get rid of them all.

When I moved in, there were no roaches. There was fresh boric acid around the edges of the room and the first roach didn't show up till a week later. So I trust him on his battle strategies. He's been handling it in this building for a long time and now I know why it wasn't a roach haven the day I moved in - he does not take it laying down when they first show up.

If we nip it in the bud now while it's just concentrated in that one area, I think we can get rid of them entirely. That will be so great.

So while there have been some setbacks, at last today I feel as if we're going to win in Roach Wars. Alcohol and bleach solution in a pump sprayer is a low cost home solution that can work. It's cheaper and probably a lot less dangerous to people and pets than Raid and similar sprays. Right now looking at the results, I think it's doing a good job.
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Oct. 22nd, 2011 05:03 am (UTC)
The painting certainly knocked my socks off, love it!

Good luck with the roach wars, you make Harry sound like a (roach) war vet, LOL.
Oct. 22nd, 2011 06:08 am (UTC)
He is. He came in here like a commando and used up every bit of the mix that he made for it, he slaughtered hundreds with it and got all of the places they've been nesting. Even moved the TV to get up there. I'm confident that if he does come in every other day for a couple of weeks, we'll be rid of them for months.
Oct. 22nd, 2011 07:13 am (UTC)
Service on demand ... Ari has you well-trained!
Oct. 22nd, 2011 11:17 am (UTC)
Oh yes he does! He's sleeping in my lap right now. I love him so much. There's this deep joy I feel when he's curled up on me like this.

We've also got a serious reduction in the total number of roaches right now. Which is a great relief.
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