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Golden Evening, 10" x 7" pastel on brown paper.

I haven't slept. I think I'm crashing early tonight. Class this morning with Johannes Vloothuis. By the time I could sleep, it was too late and I wouldn't wake up to make it to class. So I got distracted writing something about writing and missed half an hour of class. Fortunately it was just the analysis of homework. I missed the analysis of mine but two different students told me he found no problems with it at all. I did pick a good example from the background of a pastel painting, yay!

Five minutes after the excellent oil painting demo ended, I was all hyped up to do a tree study today and knew I would not have time. Harry showed up at my door with his home mix again - that was great. I had the survivors scouting around and I overexerted all night giving them the boot. I do not like hunting them down and whacking them with the boot. But there's another part of this tale. My poor IHSS lady has a roach phobia and hers is worse than mine. I know how it feels to be buggy. She was fried out.

So I got brave and I applied the boot to everything in reach. I fought them harder last night than I would have just for myself because I saw how she reacted when she was here before. She was a mess of frayed nerves today and she also had a reaction to the bleach and alcohol mixture, worse than I did. To me it just didn't smell good and would be gone after a while with the door open.

Naturally Ari decided to explore the hall during the ruthless cleanup. The building janitor was on the floor while she came in vacuuming so I tried to get his attention, he didn't hear me over the vacuum cleaner. She ran out and got hold of him to ask to get the vacuum cleaner after he was done (rather than him dragging it downstairs and then back up on request. Bless her, she did a thorough deep clean of my room. Magnificent deep clean.

There are fewer scouts tonight and the casualties are gone. I am a bit less fried. But they're still exploring because everything's disrupted and moved around. They started coming in through the pipes.

I went out to buy an emergency box of cat food to carry Ari through till the 1st. The best dry food the shop had was Friskies Seafood Delight, which does seem to have salmon and crab and other seafood meal and not just flavoring. So he has some cat junk food mixed in with his Purina One temporarily till I get next month's check and can buy him something better online. I'll order it as soon as I've got my money in.

I think it's easier on him having it shaken up and mixed in as a garnish with the rest of the Purina One than living on it for a few days, spread it out a bit. He deserves better though.

I got my Paratransit. It's conditional, because for some destinations I could get there cheaper by paying 75 cents and riding the Geary bus on a good day. I've decided that after my Street Art Program screening, I'm just going to ride the bus that stops at the door for pleasure and do a scouting mission on a good day. Just find out where it stops and if it's a loop, if I can come back to the same stop. Then make note of important destinations on that route that may be accessible - say, a pet store, a barbershop, places like that. If I can go to some places without the paratransit, that's a good thing that I can do those places unplanned just by keeping change in my pocket.

I splurged on bananas and a can of ravioli - it was tasty, it was a great change from ramen. I think I'm going to bed early tonight and tomorrow I'm just going to relax, other than Roach Wars round three, since Harry may come up again tomorrow with a full can to continue the battle. He's won it before. I am so grateful we have a good manager in this building.

Georgia also moved and rearranged my art supplies tubs so I now have the floor space to do the mat cutting. Right. Relax? I need to cut mats tomorrow or Monday, the sooner the better. The more mats I cut, the sooner I do, the more I really can relax and feel prepared for my screening on Thursday. I will need days of resting up after the exertion so it's better to push tomorrow and cut mats. That doesn't take walking anyway and she already did the hard part of getting them out into easy reach. When i'm done chopping the big board down, it'll be a neat little stack with nothing bigger than 16 x 20" or 11" x 14" and then I really can relax, just stack all my paintings together when they have mats, back boards, shrink wrap.

Final decision on what goes into the package comes at the mat cutting.

Do you think today's landscape sketch ought to go in? The reference was in this week's Weekend Drawing Event and it enchanted me with those golden lacy fall leaf clusters and half-skeletal trees vanishing into a sunset-feeling mist. Comments appreciated. Humpback - Dancing Water is going to be the centerpiece, I think, along with the big Golden Gate Bridge painting. I'm treating this like it's for a gallery show, wondering if the screening committee has high standards or it's just that I need to bring materials and prove I can do the work.
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