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Other Big and Happy News

Thanks to my beloved patron, currently the single biggest purchaser of my paintings, I have an iPhone4 coming by way of UPS complete with service - she added it to her account. I asked what I'd owe as a bill and it's just the rollover minutes if they get rolled over during that month - up to the amount of minutes I actually use during the day. Nights and weekends of course are free so that's when I'll socialize on the phone, no sense running up minutes on that. Unlimited texting is included and with a stylus and virtual keyboard, it's not going to be the awkward thing it is with a numeric pad like on my personal phone.

I have a business number that's got a San Francisco area code. I can put that onto my business cards.

What this means for art posting and prints is that good HDR 5 megapixel photos of art that sells off the easel can go up on LJ and Facebook either on the spot or after a little editing in Gimp if there's too much background. They'll possibly have truer color than my scanner. They'll be big files allowing prints on DeviantART so when I do one of my best-ever landscapes out on the spot and a buyer snapped it up before I even finished, I can still make prints available.

Setup spaces are in two groups - Wharf Spots and Downtown Spots. Depending on where on the Wharf, I might be close enough to the lottery spot to get picked up at the same place. Downtown spots are probably a cheap cab ride back to my home. I will need to do some exploring to find out exactly which setup spots allow an easy return. Anything that's close enough to the Geary Bus to get on it and be let off at my door saves me $1.25 on the ride home over using Paratransit.

So my first few times, maybe even the first few months in the Street Artist Program will be getting to know it and resting up afterwards. I will also be doing my own personal fitness program - the unstructured "push myself right up to the limit, spit at it and stop" strategy that has so far rebuilt some of my strength in only three months of good weather and more activity. I don't get winded on the stairs.

Having all my medications again made a huge difference. The last one threw my body energy up to the point that I know I can do this. I'm now more limited by my back and bad hip, skeletal stuff, than by body energy. If I had a subsidized apartment and power chair, I could go out four or five days a week without a problem and use the normal buses because they all have power chair lifts on them.

I've got a future that involves parties in the evening and get togethers and events. I've got a schedule that doesn't pre-empt UU services on Sunday for street artist program, because the program isn't open on Sunday. That solves that! I'll just go to UU in the morning and make that my day of rest and relaxation or enjoying UU social events (there are lots!).

My life is coming together. It's all working. It's taken a lot of work but it's all coming together and I can do this. There were times when I was on the wrong medications and didn't have all of my meds that I had serious doubts, but now I don't. No more muscle relaxants, they do more harm than good. They are depressants and like Valium and other depressants, they cause depression in me even if they block the pain. It's no good trading one kind of pain for another and winding up too groggy and discouraged to do anything.

I've got a future and I'm on my way!
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Oct. 25th, 2011 08:23 pm (UTC)
iPhone3 vs. iPhone4
This is the iPhone4 basic - the one that was $199 with plan when I moved. It's now $99 with plan thanks to the newer iPhone4S which has two more megapixels on the camera and some new bells and whistles that I don't need. Like being able to dial by speaking my friend's name. I can just imagine mentioning my friend and calling her during business hours with that Star Trek Communicator feature.

The very big deal is that 5 Megapixel HDR Camera - its quality is good enough for my art photography. Sketchbook Mobile is $1.99 and Brushes $4.99, I'll have both and so I'll be doing some cool digital drawing with the stylus. This rocks. This is awesome. Also video calls are possible so I'll be able to use it on weekends to call my family and sketch with Sascha by video-call - that's going to be so cool. I miss Sascha! I want to see Sascha drawings again!
Oct. 25th, 2011 08:25 pm (UTC)
Re: iPhone3 vs. iPhone4
I've also got a project - a full sheet, living room sized painting of a big blood red black-red rose with dark green stem and sepals and leaves. This is going to be a joy and I may be doing smaller ones in various mediums as I plan and build up to the big gallery-level painting.
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