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First successful Sketchbook Mobile drawing. Life sketch of one of the San Francisco Arts Commission Street Artists Program Screening Committee. Gesture between one and two minutes of a moving figure.

I drew this while I was waiting for the screening committee to finish the musician and numerous artists and crafters who came before me. They loved my display. It took them only five minutes to check that everything on display was within the rules. They explained that I can't add a radically different style, such as the Asian watercolor style I like doing or CariCATures without screening again. But it's only $20 to add more to my description so I'll do that later on. Same with the prints on watercolor paper with watercolor accents, can't do those till I bring them in to get screened. So I might as well build up a stock of those things and send in my $20 - I can do it now with what I have because what I brought is about 95% of what I'd sell.

I had loads of fun during the wait though. Met a cool artist there who's thinking of moving back into the city from Marin. He had a really good show at the annual Castro Art Fair a few weeks ago so he's looking to relocate, his works might sell better in San Francisco. Fun guy.

I came home, got in home support service temporary covering for Georgia, who couldn't come in the afternoon because she has a regular afternoon client. So my room is entirely clean, I got a soaking bath to help rest my back from the exertion and nothing's a rush now till November 1st. This is awesome.
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