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Chapter 3 done, 12,251

Very productive day. Here's the art I did, first cool pastel of the month:

I got out this afternoon and got my California Sellers Permit and my San Francisco City Tax Registration taken care of. That was today's biggest goal. But I got up at five in the morning and finished Chapter 2 of my novel, pushing it up to 78XX, something like that. I'd shown both the cat's point of view and the human's. He was responding to the cat without consciously hearing him.

So I relaxed, puttered online, cleaned some of my pastels and decided to do the pumpkin reference. It came out better than I expected. Got into writing chat and relaxed, then started writing... it grew on itself. Wham. Wow. Chapter 3 surfaced and all of a sudden it turned into a train wreck with the villain showing up, heroine showing up, best friend/gay date showing up all at the same time. A bunch of conflicts emerged including the surprising result that heroine and gay date got along. Partly due to the cat in some fairly subtle way.

The novel came into focus in a big way. It's on track. It's powerful. It became deeper than I planned and it's all good. The villain is in some ways petty and in others not, he's careless with powerful forces of evil and doesn't care about the consequences. He likes getting his way. I think he's a sociopath.

So it's working well. I know I'll do more of it and still be able to paint too - wrote, edited, went out, painted, wrote, edited. I made some changes in chapter 2 based on what I found out in Chapter 3 and it's seamless. This is coming out as a good book with an editing pass between chapters. I'm getting into that rhythm and it's awesome. Each edit adds a little more word count too as I detail more.
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