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Catching up...

Color study for a pastel painting, a mood scene at dawn in a deep mountain valley.

I fell behind on Nanowrimo big time with still more running around. I did something big this week though. I cashed my Google check and by draining my account, was able to cover my San Francisco Arts Council Street Artist License Fee. The check is in the mail, or rather money order. So are the tax documents I ran around getting. Still no word on where or how to get the rollator once my doctor signs off on it.

So I'll go out again on Tuesday to cash the CJ check and cover my Verizon bill. In the meantime, waiting for my street license, I'll be patient. Once I have that, minor cash flow problems will turn into something solvable with extra effort. I miss that so much.

Those worries about money were eating me for several days along with the stress of going out. So I fell behind, but last night I finished chapter 5 of "Trouble in the City" and went over 20,000 words. If I write tonight, I'll get ahead. It's a good thing my chapters are good for two and a half days of Wrimo count in themselves since I tend to finish a chapter once I've started it.

This month is so busy and stressful, I can't count on finishing in time though. I hope I can but a lot of time is taken up in sleeping off all this new activity.
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