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Trouble in the City

Progress so far, a half chapter yesterday. Got distracted this morning by my regular caretaker Georgia being out sick, so I got a substitute. She stayed much longer than planned and did more than planned because a neighbor stayed in the tub for 4 hours solid. She kept having to phone in to authorize more time in order to get my holiday bath done.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Many thanks to everyone I love for all you've ever done for me, from my beloved daughter Kitten, son in law Karl, granddaughter Sascha, grandson Gabriel, kitten's cat Gemini (for all her graciousness at mealtimes, her loving care of everyone including grandkids and taking Ari in paw), Zoe (for teaching me and Ari that Siberian Huskies can be sweet, trustworthy and lovable), Annie the Corgi (for making me laugh), Sascha's new kitten for being adorable, CeCe for getting me to San Francisco, Lisa for helping me feed Skip and a thousand other wonderful things, everyone who's ever cheered me on, CeCe for getting me to San Francisco and a thousand other wonderful things, Lisa Polo for helping me feed Skip and a thousand other wonderful things, Charlotte Herczfeld, Deborah Secor and Johannes Vloothuis for teaching me, all my friends for being my friends, Big Cat Rescue for existing, San Francisco for being my home and of course Ari himself, my devoted furry Muse who sheds so many Cat Hairs of Inspiration on me.

I like thinking of Thanksgiving as the day to thank everyone who deserves it. That list is too short by far, those are just highlights. My life is so rich and filled with joy because my list is too big to work out in full detail! Love you all! If you're not named it's because I shortened it, not because you're not on the list.

I haven't started writing yet for today, but that's the up side of not going to a happy family Thanksgiving. I ate takeout, had a bath and presented my beloved Ari with a huge serving of "Solid Gold Katz 'n Flocken" cat food, his top favorite in all the world. Okay, it's the same food he gets all the time, but it is also his top favorite in all the world. He purred and thanked me and chowed down on it with great enthusiasm. Then ran around playing with his catnip mice and jingle balls like a giant sweet silly kitten.

Now I'm off to fictional San Francisco that may be in the past (not sure on the year the book is set in or that sure it matters) to visit some other interesting cats.

Anne McCaffrey died day before yesterday.

In her honor, remembering an author bio that said she had white hair, green eyes and cats, everything else is subject to change without notice... a little white cat with green eyes named Anne became a character in my book.

She has a personality more like my dear feline friend Gemini. I was her favorite waiter for many years until I moved and miss that grateful purr and look. I know she'd have tipped me if she could. She's just that gracious. Her size and build are Gemini's. I know the human Anne McCaffrey would have adored her - how could she resist a telepathic cat with a sweet, gracious attitude and a charming, stubborn ability to take charge of everything around her?

If you have never read Anne McCaffrey's books, she has a lot of telepathic characters in both the Ship who Sang series and the Dragonriders of Pern series. Her dragons had distinctly feline personalities at times.

Anne, thank you for writing all of them. I haven't read all of yours yet, there are still some treats ahead of me. Though you've gone between, you gave the world treasures that never fade. You will always be loved.
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Nov. 28th, 2011 01:02 pm (UTC)
Robert, are you up to doing 3 pencil sketches for me? Illistrating a childrens book. I dont know how much i can pay you, but I'd get something to you. Interested?
Nov. 28th, 2011 05:29 pm (UTC)
Possibly. Do you still have my email? Email me with details of the project and I can give you a better idea. I haven't done much in pencil lately, not graphite pencil anyway. Depends on what it is too. Obviously cats are easier than anything else!
Nov. 30th, 2011 12:16 pm (UTC)
Thanks robert! sent it to your gmail addy. (it took me this long to get back into LJ, its been down for me)
Dec. 1st, 2011 01:09 am (UTC)
Answered your email - the story is fantastic.
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