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What is your dream for your children?
I would like to see MLK's dream come true. I would like to see felon disenfranchisement laws rolled back, so that one mistake does not completely destroy anyone's life and those many wrongly convicted can rebuild their lives. I would like to see victim compensation for those wrongly convicted. I would like to see an end to the War on Drugs, which I did not know was so overwhelmingly racist in its enforcement until recently. King's dream lives on and I have shared it since I was a little white kid recognizing this man is right and good when I heard his Dream speech on television.

I also have a dream that GBLT discrimination including marriage inequality end too. I do not think the great man would have objected to that. I think he'd have understood that bigotry is bigotry no matter who's designated as the out-group.

I support the President of these United States, Barack Obama. I voted for him and I will vote for him again. He's doing what he can heading into the 2012 election. We need him to roll back the economic injustice and corruption that has become so rampant even the 1950s would have choked on it.

Today, even a company that has good customer service and long term business strategies, that plays fair with business ethics can't defend itself against the predatory mergers and destructive actions of a few rich crooks. They're not even all the millionaires. They're just the worst of them, at a level where one criminal can destroy tens of thousands of jobs and crash the entire US economy - in ways that leave him profiting by betting against it. Those decent companies giving good value for their products, operating transparently, reducing hours rather than cutting jobs, raising wages to build the economy will thrive under restoring the regulations that stopped the speculators after the Depression. The speculators are free of consequences, no matter what happens they get richer and more powerful.

Those are my dreams today, for my daughter, for my grandkids, for my country.
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