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Storage Space!!!

This totally rocks! I've got a big real dresser now with three good drawers!

Last night as I came in from Small Group Ministry at First UU, which I've been attending on first and third Tuesday evenings of every month, I ran into Harry the world's coolest hotel manager and several maintenance guys manhandling a beautiful long shelving unit with fancy tile on top of it. Truly gorgeous piece of furniture, huge and deep with shelves. The woman who brought it in with her truck had found it as a freebie and picked it up to donate to the hotel. So I went second dibs on it if it didn't fit in Dennis's room.

Of course it fit in Dennis's room. That was a given. I'm not the only person in this hotel with a spatial awareness sense. But when it went into his room, his perfectly good dresser with three good drawers came out of his room to make room for it! So I asked the bloke who was putting it away in the storage room down the hall if I could have it.

"Go ask Harry," he said.

Harry had already left - that poor man comes in at seven in the morning and he was still moving furniture at nine that night so I didn't blame him for going home to get some sleep. I left a message for him. This morning he dropped by my room and asked if I wanted the dresser. Yes! I've needed one all along!

So I moved everything that was in, on top of or in front of the three shelf bookcase CeCe gave me onto the bed and into a heap on the floor leaving a clear path to the wall space that used to be occupied by the bookcase and a shortened two drawer plastic dresser. The rest of my room looks like a very gentle tornado swept through - all these art supplies and things in containers stacked here and there on every other piece of furniture including my power scooter. Now that the dresser is in place, I can start deciding where everything goes.

A lot more of it will be in easy reach once I do.

After I got the appliances plugged in again and stacked on top of the microwave, Mack came over with the groceries he bought yesterday. I gave him the money to do my shopping and he wanted to visit two stores for it, so he was going to drop off my food after his second client of the day. Except that by then I'd left for Small Group Ministry so he had to wait till today to drop it off. I've now got Food, Glorious Food... and at the moment my art supply shelving has lots of food in it.

My new doctor checked my Cholesterol and it has gone from "Medicate him before this man drops dead!" to "A little high, nothing too bad, you should add more olive oil, nuts and avocados to your diet."

Oh yes. More walnuts, sunflower seeds, olive oil, avocados... having to add food treats I already like into my diet is a lot more fun than trying to cut back on what I like. That'll be easier done than said. It begins today, since I got the olive oil, walnuts and sunflower seeds. I just need to get a nut cracker for the walnuts with shells that I couldn't open without one, that's been seriously frustrating. I'll check Walgreens next time I go up there.

So the rest of today is going to be spent organizing and putting everything away. Get up, putter, when my back hurts stop and rest. Ari is such a big and tall cat! Look how huge he is compared to the bookcase and microwave!

Also, I started a new challenge - Rob's Daily Painting blog on April 1st. No joke, I've already kept it up for three days. Today's daily painting may be a quick swish and gesture in my art journal with my doing so much organizing though. Those sometimes come out well.
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