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Posting from iPhone

My backup laptop just died a couple of days ago. This is the first time I've ever tried posting from my iPhone, so please bear with me. It's very difficult, small screen, poor eyesight and new software are tough instead of just typing like normal on a screen I can see.

My writing buddy Nonny, also on dreamwidth and livejournal, is doing a fundraiser online to get me a good used laptop. These are the urls to copy and paste: http://nonnycat.dreamwidth.com or http://nonnycat.livejournal.com - sorry these aren't links but I am fogged and can't remember how to do links.

Yes, I am that helpless without the third lobe of my brain. I'm used to being able to open another window and look things up, like how to code links or my offline list of passwords.

Please do not send money to me by PayPal, as SSI will see it and take it out of my check. You'd wind up just helping the government. Nonny is the organizer and treasurer. She will collect funds, buy the machine and send it to me. Anything over goal will go to other related things I can't afford, like a bigger USB drive or an external hard drive so I can consolidate all my backups, or a printer cartridge, that sort of thing. The stuff I would just do if I was paying a reasonable rent.

Right now I am in a bad situation. I pay about 80% of my income in rent and SSI cut my check about $100 to pay back money I got in 2011. This may lighten up again in 2014 but I am not sure of that. I need to talk to them about a work plan in order to try to become self supporting again. I also need to go back to a more primitive technology for business records. I thought $50 for a blank ledger book was too much when I moved in - but I might not have lost as much if I'd bought it and used it.

I am going to buy one as soon as I am ready to put a book out.

I'm going off topic, another symptom.

So far in one day Nonny raised $100 and it's going really well! I have great hopes. Someone offered a desktop, but that's sort of a last resort. I use a folding TV table as a desk, it's tiny and I don't have space in my room to get a bigger table even if I could pester the manager for one. I also had some wrist and hand trouble using a full size keyboard. I found out on my first laptop that I type better, faster and with less problems on a laptop keyboard and even adapted to a little net book keyboard easier.

I live on my laptop. That's where and how I write. I think and type about 100 words a minute and on days when the fog or pain is so thick I'm unintelligible, I can still type and make sense about a couple of pain levels better than if I tried to talk in person or on phone. I feel like I am suddenly both stupid and helpless, things I could do are out of reach and so are most of the ways I distract myself from pain. I hate the way that fibro makes me less capable as soon as there is an emergency. The shock knocked me over with a flare so big that I lost a day before I realized I could text Nonny.

Huge thanks to everyone who helps! Would someone who knows or remembers the code please put Nonny's links in a comment? Please pass this along too. If you are a Facebook friend who wondered if Nonny's post on my wall was real, it is. We've known each other offline for over a decade and she is my editor, the person who's getting my rough drafts into readable condition comparable to pro published. This is real, just as I got unlimited Internet I wound up with dead laptop.

Purr and thank you. Ari purrs at you too, he did lap leap while I typed this and helped in his own special feline way. He purred and head banged the phone.


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Jun. 2nd, 2013 06:55 am (UTC)
I'm up in Redwood City and I've got an extra laptop. I'd need to boot it up and clean it up proper, but you're welcome to it. It's about four years old, i think. I don't think the battery stays charged, and it may need a new charger soon. It's a dell. But let me know before thursday and I'll ship it to you(I can't drive it out, I'm sorry!). I'm flying out on friday for two weeks to take care of my mom, so I'd need to get it out before then. Being this close tho, it should get to you shortly.
Jun. 2nd, 2013 01:21 pm (UTC)
I didn't realize that the government had any right to look into your Payal account. Something about that seems very fishy to me...

Also, I didn't realize you were on Dreamwidth! I've subscribed to your journal there too. I'm under the username "lighterthanair," so you don't wonder who the new person is who's following you. :p
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