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Checked the tracking number and my new Asus refurb laptop is in Texas. It's scheduled to be here tomorrow and right on time. It's not even that big a package, it's under 7 pounds. Even with packaging. I am so happy it's that lightweight. The case is aluminum, something that was a pleasant surprise I discovered reading more details about it after Nonny put in the order.

Discovered this Mac does not have the hardware to run Diablo 2, so there are no games on the Mac. I didn't download Gimp to it because I knew the Asus was coming and that I'd probably have to try to figure out which flavor of antique Gimp was the right generation for a computer from 2004. This machine is almost as old as my cat and just as healthy, which is awesome. It has MS Office for Mac 2004, which has Word, which means that for the first time since I left Arkansas, I have MS Word again.

What this means is that my Mac is not just the backup machine. It's the No Distractions Editing Machine. I can shove all of my writing backups into it even though the HD is pretty small because they're writing files. I've got them all on a USB key drive that I think has 8 gb of space on it. I couldn't back up my photos on the USB key when I started using it, so I pulled them off to be sure of having space for writing stuff. Probably not a good idea to back up images or videos or music to this machine.

Way back in 2000, I didn't have a laptop. I had two desktops, both of them hand me down freebies. One was really old about ten or so, and a friend had loaded it with Linux, the other one much newer. They were side to side on a giant metal desk. My very young cat Ari, then a kitten, used to jump up onto the windowsill to swat both mice with his paws or occasionally his tail, opening new browser and application windows. He'd just gotten too large to type easily, his paws too big to strike just one key at a time. So he discovered mousing and we had fun.

When the Mac arrived on Saturday, now 13 year old big hairy cat Ari got up on my lap with keen excitement sniffing at it and standing on his hind legs. He rubbed his face on it again and again, especially the right front corner. I wondered if this machine was dipped in catnip or he just remembered his cyberkitten youth, but he's very happy about it. Turns out that the previous owner's cats always face-marked the right front corner, so he was just commenting on the kitty message board. He likes them!

It worked out well separating different tasks to different computers. It didn't wear out the Linbox any faster using it next to the Windows PC and oddly enough, it outlived several Windows machines and lasted till I went through too many moves and gave it to a geek friend who used it as his work PC because he liked the Linux environment. It was still working when I last saw it. When the backup machine is also useful in its own way sitting next to the main one that rules. I feel so safe! Thank you, a big thank you to everyone who helped bring me back online!
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